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Dosingpump Shop supplies high quality dosing pumps, dosing systems and (pH-rH) controllers for the horticulture sector.


From complete pH-RH or free chlorine systems to simple dosing pumps for flocculants, acid and lye. For both private and business customers.

Swimming pool

Dosing from 0.01 to 1000 litres per hour and up to 100 bar. Foodsafe and ATEX certified. From simple dosing pumps to controllers.


Complete controllers and metering pumps for cooling water treatment. High quality and competitive price.

Cooling water

Automatic control for water recycling, boiling water, metering pumps and controllers, among others.


pH neutralisation, or dissolved solids measurement. Also dosing pumps for PE, lye and acid.


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EMEC PRIUS Motor-driven metering pumps

Over the years, the PRIUS series has proved to be a very reliable motor-driven metering pump. With a flow of up to 1000 litres per hour at 5 bar, this pump is the answer to many dosing questions. Need high pressure? The HP version delivers up to 100 bar. Then there is the MF version, which can be controlled via a digital signal and has many options to optimise dosing in your process. 

Questions about the PRIUS series and its applications? Please get in touch!


EMEC PRISMA Stepper motor-driven metering pumps

The PRISMA has been available for several years and now has many very enthusiastic users. The input and output strokes controlled by the stepper motor ensure that even viscous liquids can be dosed without any problems. 

The PRISMA is very comprehensive as standard and is easy to control and set up both digitally and manually. 

Want to know more about the PRISMA? Drop us a line! 



Max. capacity: 80 l/h

Max. pressure: 2 bar


Max. capacity: 28 l/h

Max. pressure: 5 bar


Max. capacity: 80 l/h

Max. pressure: 20 bar

EMEC Magnet-driven metering pumps

The magnetic drive dosing pump is one of Emec's main pillars. They have been completely developed over the past 40 years which has resulted in a highly reliable dosing pump. 

Among others, the full PTFE diaphragm, the double check valves and the standard PVDF pump head ensure perfect dosing, time after time. 

The magnetic drive pumps are available with manual setting only to the digitally controllable MF versions. Oh, and each pump comes with a dosing kit as standard. This includes a suction filter, some hose and an injection valve. So you can get started right away! 

Need help choosing a pump? We are happy to help!

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Max. capacity: 38 l/h

Max. pressure: 25 bar

Price on request

Max. capacity: 18 l/h

Max. pressure: 20 bar

Price on request

Max. capacity: 18 l/h

Max. pressure: 20 bar

Price on request

Max. capacity: 100 l/h

Max. pressure: 20 bar

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Dosing Pump Shop supplies high-quality EMEC dosing pumps, controllers, sensors and complete systems. On our webshop, you can find the complete EMEC product range. Do you prefer good advice? Please contact us!

Among other things, we have been supplying the complete Emec product range for almost 10 years. Fast, Worldwide and often from Stock.


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