Emec Prius D AP metering pump

Motor-driven dosing pump for high pressures.

Up to 100 bar. Stainless steel pump head (PVDF up to 20 bar).

ATEX (explosion-proof) available.

3-phase or 230V available.

Design: Prius D 100-04 stainless steel 316L - 3 phases.



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Product information

Description Versions Description

Motor-driven high-pressure metering pump

The Prius D motor-driven metering pump for high pressure can, depending on the version, achieve a flow of up to 4 litres per hour at 100 bar supply. The table below describes the other versions. The flow of this pump is adjustable by means of infinitely adjusting the stroke length. This pump features a highly durable, full PTFE membrane. From a pressure of 20 bar, the pump head is inserted into STAINLESS STEEL 316L performed. Below this, PVDF can be used.
  • Most versions are also available in single-phase ? 230V.
  • This pump is also available in explosion-proof (ATEX) version.
  • Also available in 60 Hz version.
Choosing the right metering pump is often a tricky job. Let us help! Just contact us and we will get to work for you.

Dosing pump features

  • Motor-driven dosing pump for high pressure
  • Version: Prius D AP 100-04 3-phase
  • Full PTFE membrane
  • See below for available versions

Available flow and pressure

Other combinations are also available! Get in touch!
Pressure (Bar) Flow (l/hour)
100 1,5
100 2
100 4
Pressure (Bar) Flow (l/hour)
50 2.5
50 9
50 5
50 17
Pressure (Bar) Flow (l/hour)
30 5
30 15
30 41
30 76
Pressure (Bar) Flow (l/hour)
20 6
20 34
20 91
20 170
Versions In the table below, you can see which versions are available. In the table, you can select some of them. Can't find the pump you want? Then please contact us.
Prius D AP 50 Hz Prius D AP 50 Hz mono
Description Constant, motor-driven dosing system Constant, motor-driven dosing system
  • Full PTFE membrane
  • Infinitely variable hose length adjustment
  • Three-phase motor
  • Full PTFE membrane
  • Infinitely variable hose length adjustment
  • Single-phase 230V motor
  • Constant dosage
  • Constant dosage
  • 0.37 kW 220/380 V 3-phase
  • 0.37 kW 220 V single-phase
  • 0.55 kW 220 V single-phase
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About EMEC

Emec is an Italian company that has specialised in dosing systems and measuring equipment for chemicals for over 35 years. This extensive experience and passion for the product is reflected not only in the reliability and innovation of the dosing systems, but also in customer focus. For example, Emec offers a 5-year warranty* (!) as well as excellent after-sale support.



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