Max capacity:
150 l/h

Max pressure:
25 bar

Suitable for:
horticulture, swimming pool, industry, cooling water, agriculture, waste water

Emec SEFL flow sensor


Emec SEFL flow sensor

Flow control for dosing pump. With LED.


Why Dosing Pump shop?

Product information

Emec SEFL flow sensor

The Emec SEFL flow sensor is a physical monitoring device for dosing a dosing pump. It shows whether the dosing pump is dosing or not. This is perfect for industrial applications, swimming pools or horticulture, for example. In this way, you are always sure of the correct dosing and problems can be prevented. The SEFL is connected to the discharge side of the dosing pump. When the pump is not dosing, the contact will give a signal. The LED will then also turn red. This flow sensor is available with or without bracket. With the bracket, the SEFL can be mounted against a wall. A special bracket for mounting on a dosing pump is also available.

SEFL flow sensor features:

  • PVDF or PP or PMMA housing
  • N.C. contact
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • FKM B or EPDM O-ring
  • LPV version available for liquid applications with viscosity up to 8000 cPs
  • Max 45°C / 25 bar
  • Equipped with activity LED
  • Electrical data SEFL: Max current = 0.010 A Max Voltage = 24 VAC-DC Resistive load
  • On request PMMA bracket for KMS MF or AMS MF mounting
  • Max flow 150 l/h - Minimum: 1 l/h
  • BNC connector or 2-wire connection available.

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About EMEC

Emec is an Italian company that has specialised in dosing systems and measuring equipment for chemicals for over 35 years. This extensive experience and passion for the product is reflected not only in the reliability and innovation of the dosing systems, but also in customer focus. For example, Emec offers a 5-year warranty* (!) as well as excellent after-sale support.



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